Mountshannon Eagles

Mountshannon Eagles

Home of the White Tailed Sea Eagle on Lough Derg. County Clare. Ireland

ogham and rune stone, killaloe, county clare

Although this is not strictly an eagle story, it does show beautifully the connections between Ireland and Norway.

This is a very rare and historical stone,for it has inscriptions in both Ogham and Runic writing discovered in 1916 in the cathedral in Killaloe. . It is the only known example in the world of a bi-lingual stone with inscription in both the Irish ogham and Scandinavain runic. Both inscriptions refer to the same person so it can be assumed hat this person was an actual historical figure. The ogham inscription reads as

“BEANDACHT (AR) – TOROQR ( IM ), this translates as ‘a blessing upon Thorgrim’ while the runic reads as “URGRIM RISTI KRUS INA”which translates as ‘Thorgrim carved this stone’. It is 0.89m in height, 0.46m in width and 0.20m in depth and believed to be the base stone of a lost high cross 1000 AD or earlier .

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