Mountshannon Eagles

Mountshannon Eagles

Home of the White Tailed Sea Eagle on Lough Derg. County Clare. Ireland

July 2014

July 13th

As the month has progressed the adults are spending longer periods away from the nest, and both birds are rarely seen together on the island. Visitor numbers to the viewing center are exceeding all expectations and are increasing weekly. The center is a great focal point for the public and a very positive move by Clare County Council.

July 20th

The chick looks to be almost fully grown and can be seen regularly on the branches directly above the nest or flapping its wings in the nest. Over the last days it has begun to climb higher and will soon fledge.

July 26th

The White-tailed Sea Eagle Chick fledged this morning at just over 13 weeks old. Sometime after 11am she took her first flight. As far as we know one minute she was in the nest and the next she was gone. Around 12 noon she was spotted on a tall Scots pine. She was observed for over an hour roosting on the Scots Pine tree at the far end of the island to the nest. She looked very content as she preened herself in the sun.  She was also not flustered when a flock of small birds dived around her. The male White Tailed-Sea Eagle kept a watchful eye on her from a near by tree.

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