Mountshannon Eagles

Mountshannon Eagles

Home of the White Tailed Sea Eagle on Lough Derg. County Clare. Ireland

july 2013

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July 16th.

One of the chicks left the nest yesterday afternoon.  He kind of fell glided from the nest. It hasn’t been seen flying yet so it must be somewhere on Bushy island. The male is keeping a close eye on proceedings.

The second chick has also left the nest and has not been seen since.


Male eagle on one of his favorit perches. (c) sadhbh O Neill

July 20th

The juvenile birds have not been seen since they fledged a few days ago. As the vegetation on the island is very thick there is concern that one or both have been entangled in the undergrowth. With this in mind the rescue boat with Allan Mee of the GTE on board goes out to check the island for ant sign of the juveniles. One of them is seen and flies off when approached.

July 25th.

The male is visiting Bushy Island and trying to coax the birds to the shore. A juvenile is seen on the shore feeding on food that has been left there by GET. The young bird is able to make short flights along the shore.

July 29th.

Both juveniles have been seen now and they both look well. It is impossible to differentiate between them, as they have no tags.

They continue to practice flying and the male continues to oversee progress.

Picture 14

Juvenile eagle practicing flying. (c) Arthur Ellis

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