Mountshannon Eagles

Mountshannon Eagles

Home of the White Tailed Sea Eagle on Lough Derg. County Clare. Ireland

march 2014

March 2014

The adults were seen over Derrycon to the rear of Mountshannon. They were tumbling in the classic mating display. The birds have been seen mating on one of the islands on a number of dates. The nest is built this year in a mature scots pine and fortunately much of the activity can be observed from the pier in Mountshannon. The nest looks to be a solid construction in a mature pine.

A juvenile White Tailed Sea Eagle has been found dead near Ballinderry , Tipperary close to the northern  shore of Lough Derg. The bird was not tagged and the indications are that it was on of last year’s chicks.

A Minogue?

(c) A Minogue

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